What is Bee The Swarm?

Bee The Swarm is a company that specializes in creating video games that users can play in order to earn money for good causes of their choice.  We want to give people the tools to help make this world a better place from the convenience of their phones and all while having fun at the same time. You can find out more about Bee The Swarm and our vision here.

How does Bee The Swarm work?

Users earn “bees” through Bee The Swarm gameplay and then can donate those bees to good causes of their choice - started by other Bee The Swarm users or even to their own campaign.  All campaigns and campaign updates are found on the Bee The Swarm social news feed.  As campaigns earn enough bees to reach given milestones, we fund the campaign for the milestone $ amount and then the campaign continues towards the next milestone.  The funding potential is limitless.

Who do I contact with questions?

Contact us at info@beetheswarm.com for any and all questions.



What are the campaign categories?

Animal, Disaster, Education, Medical, International, Arts, Environment, Religion, Community, Extra Life, Gaming

Who can make campaigns?

Any registered member of the Bee The Swarm network can start a campaign.

How do I make a campaign?

It’s easy!  Start by clicking on the “My campaign” tab under menu options

Upload an image for your campaign

Give your campaign a title and description and website if you have one

Choose a category that best describes your campaign

And voila!  Your campaign is live!

Do I have to be affiliated with a charity?

No – you can start a campaign for any good cause for whom you'd like to raise money.

Are the campaigns verified?

Yes – we do verify the campaign cause before we fund any milestones to ensure the money is going to where it was advertised to go.  

How do I view campaigns?

The best way to see various campaigns is to scroll through the Swarm feed (accessed using the Swarm feed button at the bottom of the app).  If you would like to see more information regarding that campaign or see other posts from that campaign, simply click on the desired post and you will be directed to that campaign’s page.  You can also use the “Search” function under menu options to find a specific campaign or campaigns within a category.

How do I report a campaign?

If you find a questionable or inappropriate campaign, please let us know ASAP by emailing us at info@beetheswarm.com so that we may investigate.

How do I post an update to my campaign?

Click on the “My campaign” tab under menu options to access your campaign page.  Here you will find an edit button to add new posts (image and message).  New posts will be posted at the top of the Swarm feed and linked to your campaign page.

What will get a campaign reported?

Any campaigns not in good nature or containing inappropriate posts will be reported and will result in removal of the campaign as well as possible removal of user.  Please see our Terms and Conditions for examples of inappropriate material.

How do I set funding goals?

Funding milestones are pre-established for all Bee The Swarm users.  Once enough bees are raised to reach a certain milestone, your campaign will be funded for that amount (pending verification) and your campaign will then proceed to the next funding milestone automatically.  The current milestones are:

$50,  $60,  $70,  $80,  $90,  $100,  $120,  $150,  $200,  $275, $375,  $500,  $700,  $1000,  $1500

How do I share my campaign?

The easiest way to share your campaign is to access your campaign page using the “My campaign” tab under menu options and once on your page, you can share any of your posts using the “Share” button under each post.  You can also invite friends to the Bee The Swarm network using the “Invite Friends” tab under menu options.  This will not only allow your friends to track your campaign progress, but you will earn extra bees for any friends that sign up using your invite!

Can I post multiple campaigns?

You may only have one active campaign at a time.  You may delete your current campaign at any time and start a new one – just know that you will lose any bees earned for that campaign.


Games and Bees:

How do I earn bees?

Bees are earned by playing Bee The Swarm games (found using the “Games” tab at the bottom of the app) or through special incentives, such as uploading a profile pic or having friends join the Bee The Swarm network using your invite link.

How do I donate (swarm) bees?

Bees are donated using the “Swarm” button (our logo) under every campaign post. Look in the lower left hand corner of a post for the Bee.  Tap once to donate a single bee; hold down to donate multiple bees.  There is no limit to how many bees you can donate.

Can I play the games on my computer?

Currently, the majority of our games are mobile app based, but as we continue to grow, we will be adding computer games to our selection so that you can earn bees that way as well.  So keep checking to see what’s new!

Can I purchase bees instead of playing the games?

No – all bees are earned though gameplay or special Bee The Swarm incentives.

What games can I play to earn bees?

You can earn bees by playing any Bee The Swarm developed game.  These can be found using the “Games” tab at the bottom of the Bee The Swarm app or through game links at www.beetheswarm.com. 



How will I get my money if I reach a milestone?

Once a milestone is reached, a Bee The Swarm representative will contact you to verify the person/organization receiving payout.  (Please ensure that your email is correct in your profile section).  In the mean time, your campaign will progress and continue to earn bees towards the next milestone.  Campaigns will be funded using an electronic funds transfer.

How soon will my campaign be funded after reaching a milestone?

Please allow up to 72 hours after reaching a campaign milestone for a Bee The Swarm representative to contact you regarding funding information.  If you do not hear from us within 72 hours, please contact us at info@beetheswarm.com.  Campaigns will be funded within a week of talking to a representative.

If my campaign does not reach 100% of a milestone, can I still get some funding?

Campaigns must reach the first milestone ($50) to receive any funding.  For additional milestones, partial funding will be on a case-by-case basis.

Can people donate money instead of bees?

Bee donations are the only way to reach funding milestones. 

How much is a bee worth?

A bee’s worth fluctuates based on game revenue and amount of gameplay.  You can track campaign funding progress using the % funded bar at the top of your campaign posts.  You can also see the total number of bees donated towards your campaign on your campaign page (using the “My campaign” page under menu options).